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DTS license: ID-2166

Al Asra Aviation aims at Complete “Ownership” and “Sense of belonging” with Our Valued “Clients”. Having “​ Vision beyond Boundaries”​ , “CLEAR”​ Objectives and “SMART”​ Goals , We are Linking World together , Connecting People and attracting Visitors from all Over the World.

Our Company believes that it’s not a “Travel” or a “Tour” between two “Destinations”, instead being  Committed , Provide Quality Service to Our Clients Worldwide , Explore Tourism Locations , Facilitate In Country Tourists to Visit various Parts of Pakistan and different Countries Worldwide Abroad.

We Offer Affordable Packages with complete “Travel solutions”, Travel Itinerary, Domestic and Int’l Ticketing, Tours Plans, Holidays, Honeymoon Trips / Tours, Hotel bookings , Excursions , Transports , Security and Travel Guides.

Our Adventure Activities Include Paragliding, Parasailing, Air Safari, Hiking, Trekking, Camping and River rafting. We Offer Packages for Students, Families, Corporate Organisations, Educational Institutions, Banking Sector , Pak – China Groups and Telecom Organisations.

We also offer Visa Packages for Students , Labour , and Tourists across the World including Umrah, Hajj, Iran and Iraq Visits. Guiding Tours / Groups to Malaysia , Iran , Iraq , China , Egypt , Turkey , UAE , Sidney , Thailand.

Why Choose Us?

Diverse Destinations

We have explored various tourism sites / locations with Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation ( PTDC ) and are well Connected with tours / Groups abroad via International Tourism , Hence have established a repute among domestic Airlines , Travel and Tourism and Internationally with various Airlines Operating in Pakistan and Across the World .

Value for Money

Money is a Key Factor while we Plan Travel and Tours , Holidays , Honeymoon , Visits and Hotels, We have Undertaken many tours with low Cost , Most Economical and Affordable , We always Endeavor to make you Enjoy pleasant Journey at minimum Cost Effects.

Beautiful Places

We arrange tours on all beautiful places of Pakistan at cheap rate and around the World , We always Strive to make all Travelers at Ease and in a most Economical Way along Travel Guides and Complete Security

Fast Booking

Al Asra Aviation Travel and Tour ,has established a Unique Set Up to Ensure On the Spot Booking , Ticketing , Hotel Reservations and Complete Travel Solutions

Support Team

We have a “TEAM” of qualified Professionals in every field including Airline, Aviation, Management, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resource, Ticketing, Booking, Hotels Reservations, Tours Planners, Tour Managers, Travel Guides, Tourism Explorer, Tourism Specialist, Domestic & International Coordinators, Umrah & Hajj Executors, Accommodation & Transportation Managers and all types of Visa facilitators.

Passionate Travel

We have a dedicated Teams , Market Specialists and travel guides who explore more beautiful places and give complete guidance all the way

Core Values

Al Asra Aviation always endeavors to stay Connected with Our Valued “Clients” and Customers satisfaction is Our Value. We not only give Choices but together with Clients find appropriate Solutions to meet the requirements of Our Customers at most Economical methodology , We make relations with Humans and Care

We provide Quality Services While dealing with Our Clients , Travelling , Hosteling , Stay , Security and Safety of Clients remains Our Focus from “Start to Destination” and till Return of Our Groups , We provide Complete Guidance during Visits and delivers Complete Ownership with Our Valued Clients.

The Company has the following principles at its core:-


We provide travelers with off the beaten track travel experience that enable them  to conect with the “Real” and change their  lives forever.

Innovative  & Creative:

To provide authentic experience, we constantly seek different ways, routes and alternatives to meet our clients dreams and desires.


This is a once in a lifetime experience for every person and we want them to realize this every step of the way with our personalized services.


In going places that other people don’t, we run the risk of bringing tourism and its negative impacts to new places. We aim to “tread lightly and leave little trace” in both an environmental and cultural sense and be sustainable.


We should act with integrity at all times, by dealing truthfully and transparently with our customers, employees, suppliers and  the community and therefore being  an ethical company.


We believe we should offer contribution to local development, through donations and responsible leadership.

Our Services

Travel & Tours

We Provide Worlds best travel Services to most beautiful Countries like Egypt , Australia , China , Turkey , China , Dubai , Saudi Arabia , Canada , Singapore ,   Iraq , Iran , Qatar, France, Georgia, Malaysia etc. We are Committed to provide very Economical and Affordable Packages to Our Valued Clients.

Airline Bookings/Ticketing

We have on the Spot ticketing Services. We have good TEAM Who can Guide you according to your Needs and provide ticketing Services and Complete Travelling Solutions at a very Affordable Cost Effects all Over World.

Umrah Packages

We have Various Economical Umrah Packages Like 07 days , 14 days , 21 days and 28 days Provide Quick Umrah Visas along Suitable Accommodation Plans both at Mecca and Madina including transportation Services and Ziarat at Holy Land .

Domestic Tours within Pakistan

If you want to Visit Pakistan and explore most beautiful Sites to spend your Holidays / Excursions , then we are dedicated to help you out and give all Services In accordance to your Needs for travel around Pakistan. We will provide Complete Security along Travel Guides and most Suited Hotels / Resorts.

Visa Service

Al Asra Aviation provides you best Visa Services all Over the World with Our best TEAM having expertise in  visa processing most Professionally . Please do not hesitate to Contact Us any Time for any Travel / Tour Plans

Holiday Packages

Holidays are good Opportunity to Spend time with family or friends and Loving Ones, We provide holidays Tours Services for making your holidays most remember able and enjoyable.

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